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IFS- based 

Ketamine Therapy
San Francisco



Maya Lane, MFT


"My ketamine work with Maya FAR exceeded my expectations of what might be possible with this medicine. I was blown away by the combined power of the ketamine and the skillful holding and guidance that Maya provided before, during and after the ketamine sessions. It felt like Maya, the ketamine and my own inner healer all worked in collaboration toward transforming some highly rigid core beliefs within me that regular therapy has barely been able to touch. Thank you, Maya!!" -

John W


I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and have worked with hundreds of people for 15 years. I create a safe and warm space for your ketamine treatment journey while also offering you deep insights into how to release from stuck patterns that get in the way of your mental and spiritual health.  


I incorporate Internal Family Systems, neuro-regeneration and modern sacred ritual to help you transform powerfully and integrate new ways into your life. 

My work with Ketamine Therapy (KAP) continues to amaze and excite me.

The possibilities for change and healing are closer than ever. 


Let's start with a consultation to talk about the options, see if this a right fit and get more info on the process


The next step will be to meet with our prescribing MD. They will evaluate if this is the right fit and prescribe you the medicine if it is


We will set up your prep sessions, your ketamine therapy sessions and integration sessions to get you on the right path for  YOU

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