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Ketamine Therapy Questions?

What is ketamine? Is it legal? Is it safe? Why do psychedelic psychotherapy?   

Great questions. 

Here is some info to help you decide if this is right for you...

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic that is used legally in a clinical setting. It is fast acting and short lived- usually around 1-2 hours - and yet can yield the gifts of a psychedelic expansion and glimpse into your psyche in useful ways. 


The reason it is now gaining popularity is that it has been showing that it can stimulate the generation of Glutimate (neurotransmitter) in the brain which has anti-depressive and anti-anxiety changes that can be quite powerful and transformative. 

Ketamine treatments can invite a new perspective on your life which can combat burnout, lack of motivation and depression. That neuro-regeneration can then be integrated into new practices and new relationships to your sense of self and your inner resources.

Is it safe and legal and what are the side effects?

Although Ketamine is known to be a street drug, when used in a clinical setting it is legal and safe. My job as your guide is to ensure your safety, both psychically and psychically, so that you can experience the benefits that it has to offer. 

Before we have you booked, you will have a medical evaluation with our MD to make sure you're a good candidate, and to answer any questions you have related to the process and side effects.

The reason that Ketamine ketamine therapy is being used clinically and remotely is that for the most part the side effects are insignificant while the benefits can be significant.

Why Psychedelic 

I'm sure you have noticed the "buzz" around psychedelics and their use in clinical settings to relieve depression and trauma, and there's a reason. Depending on the psychedelic, there can be a significant change in  brain chemistry , a re-wiring that allows the brain to communicate with centers that hold hope, motivation, possibility and healing that were blocked. That allows for stuck ways of thinking and feeling to shift and new possibilities to emerge.


The word "psychedelic" means mind-manifesting, which allows new ways of seeing yourself and the world to emerge. You may be able to manifest new connections and visions  with insight,  healing, creativity, hope and courage through expanding your consciousness.


Non-ordinary states of consciousness can also be doorways to the Divine, to the Soul, Spirit, God-Consciousness or your Higher Self. We are often stuck in our heads and in our contracted view of our Egos.  Depression is often a loss of purpose and meaning, and embarking on a deep quest within spiritual realms can, at times, be a good salve for the soul.  

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