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Maya Lane, MFT

"I have never felt more connected to myself that I do right now" - Ketamine therapy client

"I'm blown away at how transformative this is.

I have been doing therapy sessions for a long time and this is the first time that I feel whole" - Ketamine therapy client

This work excites me. I am honored to be part of this new frontier of radical change that is possible through work with Ketamine Assisted Therapy. As a clinician, I base my approach on "parts work" or  Internal Family Systems, which is powerful in itself in the neuro-regenertaion or "re-wiring"  that it yields. I also utilize Hakomi body-centered techniques, Somatic Experiencing, as well as mindfulness and compassion-based approaches to my practice.


I see this work as sacred and I incorporate elemental ritual and the invitation of the Inner Healing Intelligence to be present on your journey as a guide. I bring in tarot cards, Yogic sutras, and elements that will stem from what resonates with your intentions and beliefs.

Working with me is a foray into the numinous, an invitation of your own soul-crafting, and a loving connection with your own capacity to heal and Know your potential. 

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What Makes Me Stand Out

I believe that your psychedelic experience will be shaped by who you work with. I come into this with such a humility and honor for the sacred space that we will be in together. I also come in with an experienced clinical craft that knows how to steer you into the doorways so that you can embark on what may yield the gold that you are seeking. I am a mother, a performing artist, an entrepreneur and business owner and a professional clown who holds the power of the Sacred Fool and Trickster - two archetypes that I see as essential guides on this path of psychedelic transformation. 


 love being a midwife for your soul and am honored to be in this field which invites the sacred into the clinical setting.

" I felt like the seeds have been there and Maya's guidance helped sprout them. I can feel the growth happening and it is so solid, and unexpected." - KaP client


2021- present

Healing Realms 

San Francisco, CA

Training with KaP and IFS 


Polaris Insight Center

San Francisco, CA

Module 1 training in KaP


SAGE institute

Berkeley, CA

Comprehensive KaP clinical training


IFS Clinical Training

Training in Richard Schwartz's Internal Family Systems approach 


Hakomi Body centered Psychotherapy

Berkeley, CA

Training in Mindfulness-based Somatic Psychotheraoy 

2004- 2006

Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology

New College of Ca- San Francisco, CA

Training in Psychoanalysis, Object Relations and Intersubjective Psychotherapy

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