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Ketamine Therapy Preparation Sessions

We wil have a minimum of 3 preparation sessions to make sure you are ready for your ketamine therapy journey


$250/50 min

per session

Medical evaluation and prescription from our MD

This will be a comprehensive evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate for this work. Once you do the evaluation you will get a prescription sent to your home


$450/50 min

Ketamine Medicine Cycles

Each cycle will include a Medicine session followed by an integration session

In-person and remote


3 hour KAP $950

Integration session $250

Marble Surface

The Ketamine Therapy Journey: a more elaborate description

- It starts off with preparation sessions. If you are already a client of mine, this might be a shorter process.

If you are new to my practice we will decide on how many sessions are required, and can range from 2-4 prep sessions.

Within that timeframe you will also meet with our prescribing MD and do your medical evaluation and, when approved, receive your Ketamine prescription from a local pharmacy. 

- We will then go to setting up your KAP sessions.  I have a 3 session minimum, though doing a series of 6 sessions is recommended for best results. Sessions can be remote or in-person in San Francisco or Nevada City, depending on availability and can be spaced out according to what works for you, though it is recommended to not go beyond 1 month between the sessions.

The KaP session will be followed by an integration session the following week.

Integration is very important for neuroplasticity and lasting change

To finalize the Kap journey, we would then set up a series of 2-4 closing integration sessions, and space them out according to what best suites the healing. Integration sessions can expand into however many we feel would be necessary

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