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Ketamine Therapy Services


I offer remote ketamine treatment preparation sessions in the comfort of your own home. We can set you up to be ready for the experience, do preliminary work with an IFS approach, and take our time with making sure you are ready for your journeys. 


I will be available for in-person Ketamine therapy sessions in San Francisco. I have a calendar with available times for you to schedule sessions. I  am also open to speaking about options for me to come to you if you are based in California.  


Integrating your peak experiences is critical for change. I do not guide or sit for any medicine outside of ketamine, yet am happy to be there for you as you integrate your psychedelic experiences outside KaP.


With all of the exciting new research that is now coming to the surface, I see that psychedelic experiences, whether micro-doses or heroic-doses, are becoming more and more popular. Yet change doesn't happen unless there is a deep and lengthy integration that can at times last a lifetime. I love doing this work and see I as a collaborative fertilizing and conditioning of the new seeds that you planted. 

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