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Meet our prescribing MD:
Dr. Jesus I. Ramirez, MD, MSW (Zeus)

The promise of transformation through psychotherapy is becoming a reality thanks to the nascent psychedelic revolution. Modern scientific research keeps validating ancient wisdom, showing therapy catalyzed by psychedelics can help people heal and reconnect with their innate radiance. While several psychedelics are being developed for FDA approval, today ketamine is the only one that is legally available.

The term “psychedelic” literally means “mind manifesting.” Ketamine helps people explore parts of themselves hidden from conscious awareness and allows therapy to work quickly, deeply, and effectively. People liken the effects of a few ketamine-assisted therapy sessions to many years of traditional therapy.

I joined the psychedelic revolution after obtaining two Ivy League degrees (from Harvard and Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania) and working for 15 years as a trauma surgeon. Helping people heal from physical injury, I used ketamine as an anesthetic and learned it can also help people heal from psychological injury. Traumatic experiences cause pain, yet they can also be channeled for personal growth and transformation.

I prepared to practice psychedelic-assisted therapy by earning a Master’s in Social Work and certificates in both ketamine and MDMA-assisted therapy. I now practice at two established psychedelic therapy centers in the Bay Area and I am proud to be working with Maya. She is perfectly qualified to offer this revolutionary treatment.

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